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8 Unexpected Things You Can Use Baby Oil For


Baby Oil

Baby oil is one of those products that doesn’t just smell amazing but is also very versatile. It’s therefore not that strange that you can get this product in a ton of different types and forms. No matter what type of baby oil you use, though, these are some very handy things you can use it for.
Because apart from being a tanning agent and even apart from being useful for babies, there are plenty of useful things you can do with baby oil!
And now I’ll be sharing 8 of my preferred practical uses for baby oil. By the end of this Article, you’ll see why everyone can benefit from keeping a bottle of baby oil in the closet.

Make Your Skin Softer

Do you have dry or cracked heels? Then Baby oil can help you out with that. Before you go to bed, rub some of the oil on your heels and put on socks. The oil will nourish and soften your skin. The next day your feet will already feel much softer. by the way, it also works to make your hands soft

Shine Things Up

Baby oil is excellent for shining up all kinds of stuff! Just dab a bit of oil onto a soft cloth, and buff it onto wood, leather, steel, and chrome to leave behind a lovely shine. You can also use this method on your dashboard, golf clubs, stainless steel appliances, faucet …


Stretch Your Shower Gel

Mix a bit of baby oil into your favorite bottle of shower gel. Not only will it help soften your skin every time you shower, but it will also stretch that bottle and make it last longer! Two birds with one stone  LOL

Remove paint stains

Have you been working with a brush and some paint and are you left with paint stains on your skin? Or have you dyed your hair but has some of the dye ended up on your skin? You can simply remove this with baby oil. Massage the oil onto the stain on your skin and let it soak for a few minutes before wiping it off again. That’s All

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