9 New Crazy Facts About Kit Harington


Kit Harington

Everyone knows Kit Harington for his role as Jon Snow in Game of Thrones. But there’s probably a lot you don’t know about the London-born actor,

Let’s see some Crazy facts about him!

1. He’s A Huge Fan Of Horror Movies :

“Kit Harington” :
“I love horror movies. I really do, I’m a big horror movie fan… I can tell you what my favorites are. I love The Shining. I love The Wicker Man… I love The Ring. I love [David] Lynch as well. I could not get through  Inland Empire. I tried to watch that movie three or four times. I can’t get through it. It’s too scary. It starts freaking me out and then when it goes black and white … too much, too much. I’ve never even tried to watch Eraserhead. I think it would be too much for me. I love Mulholland Dr., but even that kind of got to me at times.”
2. Kit Also Loves Harry Potter :

He told CNN:
 “I kind of wanted to audition for ‘Harry’ when it was first being done but I think I was a year too old.”
3. He Showed Up To His Game Of Thrones Audition With A Black Eye.

He told the Daily Mail:
 “I had a black eye as I’d been in a scrap. But I think it might have helped. You know, ‘Who’s the kid with the black eye?’ I was completely new to them, but I looked the part – still had the black eye.”
Show creator D.B. Weiss also remembers that first audition, telling Rolling Stone he remembers whispering to co-creator David Benioff: “This is what Jon Snow looks like, please let this kid be good.”
4. He Is Only 5’8″ :
Though Harington is a force to be reckoned with on Game of Thrones, the actor is actually only 5’8″. 
He once recalled a story about how a woman “came up to me at a bar and said ‘OMG OMG you look just like Jon Snow.’ and I said ‘Well, I am.’ And she was like, ‘Nah, he’s much taller than you.'” LOL
5. His Real Name Is Actually Christopher Catesby Harington :
He may be known the world over as Kit, but his real name is actually Christopher Catesby Harington.
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