96% of people Do These Things When Nobody’s Watching. Are You One Of Them?


96% of people Do These Things When Nobody's Watching. Are You One Of Them?

We are all humans, So we all have our little habits and quirks that we know other people would find weird, but it’s ok you are not the only person who does that thing that you do. A lot of people around the world probably do the very same things as you do.
After finish reading these stuff we all do when nobody is viewing, you will be certain that everybody else is just as weird as you are.

Here Are The Things We Do When Nobody Is Viewing :

Google ourselves:
We are almost sure you have already tried that; if you have not, you are going to do so as soon as nobody is looking.


Pee our names in the snow:
For simple reasons, peeing someone´s name in snow is something that only men can do, but they really do it when nobody is watching.

Push things under the carpet:
Spilled items should be picked up, but who would bother with that when nobody is around to see you pushing them under the carpet or fridge?

Fart in an elevator:
There are many fart-related things people tend to do when nobody is looking (and listening), but farting in an elevator sounds like the meanest of them.

Smell your clothes:
Smell your clothes to see if it is still okay to wear it is definitely one of the things you would never do in public but is just ok when you are alone.

Drink out of the bottle:
No matter how big the bottle is or what stuff is inside, we all drink straight out of the bottle instead of using glasses and cups.

Make crazy food combinations:
Sausage with peanut butter, oyster sauce, and a milkshake as a late dinner? No problem when you are alone.

Take weird selfies:
Whether it is at the gym, in the bathroom, or in bed, we all take weird selfies when nobody is looking.

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