Depression And Your Sexual Life


Depression can have a profound impact on sexual relationships. it can rob us of our desire for and enjoyment of sexual connection.

If you have depression and are noticing a reduced interest in sex or problems with sexual functioning, it is important for you to figure out if the cause of sexual dysfunction is the depression, the antidepressant you may be taking, or some other medical explanation.


 There are ways to manage the sexual side effects of antidepressant medicines without compromising treatment. Your doctor might try newer antidepressants that may not dampen the libido or sexual response, or he may prescribe another medication to try to counteract sexual side effects, which can be taken in tandem with the antidepressant.

Some days will seem better than others. If you are suffering from depression, on your better days, try to make an effort to show love and appreciation to your partner.

 The following tips might also help:

Exercise: Try to go for a walk every day, preferably with your partner. Walking not only gets you out in the fresh air, but, like other forms of exercise, it releases endorphins in the brain. These are ‘happy’ chemicals that rapidly elevate your mood.

– Be mindful: Even during your saddest periods, try to spot happy moments like a bird singing or a new flower blooming in your garden. Try to train yourself to notice three of these heart-warming moments per day.

– Cuddle: Even if you don’t feel like full-on sex, do make the effort to have a cuddle. If you are worried that cuddling will project you into full sex when you don’t want it, just tell your partner that you’re not feeling like having sex, but that you would really like to cuddle up. If you do this, you may both feel a lot better. Touch and closeness can keep a relationship intact.

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