The thought of a clean car in the best shape at all times is everyone’s dream, but we are not the Kardashians, and the maintenance costs might not be easy to keep up with. Nevertheless, finding loose napkins and pennies in our messy cars is a given until you meet these extremists.

These car owners have taken things way too far, from not just pennies but mounds of money left in their car to a trunk full of sheep, which makes us all wonder how these people can drive their vehicles! Just take a look at these…

The Transmission Pan of Metal

Have you ever heard of the fuzzy spiky squishy Koosh Balls of the 1990s? This transmission pan should give you an idea. The transmission pan is to help keep the oil clean, but this driver had a magnet fall into it, and I cannot explain how.


The magnet in the transmission pan attracts metal, making it look like a metal Koosh ball stuck in the transmission oil pan and causing a metallic overflow. What the heck happened here?

Rags, Repairman, and Refunds

I am pleased to announce this wasn’t the customer’s fault at all. The auto shop repairman unintentionally left the shop rags he used while working on the intake gasket inside the engine valley.

It resulted in an expensive mess that the entire engine had to be replaced. Not a single repairman wishes to be in this situation; I wonder what happened to him after.

Headlight with Wings

The first question is, how did it get there? Well, this butterfly is wrapped in the headlight of this vehicle; if you look closely, you’ll see a butterfly sitting pretty as always in the headlight.

We guess that the light, like most insects, attracted its caterpillar, and maybe it had an escape plan and a backup escape plan that both failed.

Changing Oil is Highly Important

Refueling your vehicle is important; do you know what else it is? Replacing and refilling every single part necessary for the functioning of your vehicle. This driver forgot this essential information.

It was so bad it was hard to tell if the oil filter was the oil filter; its function of filtering waste and ensuring the oil flows into the right place was overridden by old and excessive oil flow.

To Be Forewarned…

Facing your fears, reminding yourself of your fears, and warning yourself of your fears to avoid error might not be a bad idea after all, but could it be excessive? Yes, especially if you’re afraid of black ice like this driver is.

Black ice is dangerous, and it is one of the leading causes of accidents. This driver thought not only to announce that but to remind themselves of this danger.

I Need a Doctor… Not!

Do you know that scene when a bloody person runs into a hospital screaming, “I need a doctor!”? Well, this is the same story but for a van.

This surveillance van crashed right into the shop garage’s door like it couldn’t wait to get there, or could it have been an impatient driver? Either way, I am pretty sure the van owner was at the shop to have the van’s brakes checked.

The Lamb Who Drives

The accuracy of the famous nursery rhyme about Mary and her little lamb is more accurate than we thought! “Everywhere that Mary goes, her little lamb did follow.” And guess who’s driving in this Mary and her little lamb reality? The fuzzy ball of love.

There is also a dog chilling on the sheep’s lap. This shows that Mary is a true lover of animals and that she owns a farm.

Insurance Might Help Get It Right

Public announcement; there is a difference between driving range, shooting range, and race track, but didn’t the car owner get this information? And is that the story behind this disaster of a vehicle?

The car was returned to a rental company by the police in this state with the bullet holes and the horrible state of the tires. I hope whoever will be working on that has a good day.

Guess Its Wool Wasn’t Enough for the Cold

Take one glance, and you think all you’re staring at is the car’s engine. And a second look is an animal trying to warm up by the engine.

It’s not a cat or a dog but a sheep. Only if animals could hold a quick conversation on how it got there would it be appreciated, am I right?

Wanna Play Hide ‘N’ Seek?

It seems there must be more to a car engine than our human eyes can see because animals seem to enjoy its company, and it is a good spot to hide, but how do big animals get in there? Impressive.

Look how disappointed this cutie is because he was spotted; he could even camouflage with his fur and the rusty engine.

Not a Moose in Sight

This Car vs. Moose battle will cost this car owner a fortune to get back in shape without insurance. Cars colliding with animals occur more often than you would think.

I hope both the moose and the passengers are okay, but as we can see, the moose doesn’t look good, and for the passengers, I have no idea what happened to them.

Is There a Problem, Officer?

The story behind this is ridiculous, totally unbelievable, and very true. Why is there a car filled with oranges? Why not use a trunk? Because they were stolen oranges.

The cops chased a suspicious vehicle after they refused to slow down, and when they caught up to them, it was realized that they had filled the car with stolen oranges from their fruit heist.

Animals and Weird Spaces

From my knowledge, pets are always put inside the car, not inside the trunk, right? But this pet owner didn’t think so. Their pup was put in the trunk, and the poor animal wanted the feeling of an open window.

Riding the ignorance in his bliss train, it stuck its head out the little space it could find; I guess it thought it was its little window.

Maybe I’ll Take a Bath, Too

Maybe this racecar rat was searching for food, but it meant business and maybe pleasure after it was found doing this.

It mustn’t have been expecting the car’s location to change into the wet and soapy place it found itself, or maybe it did and decided to catch a bath.

We Might as Well Call This Home

A tree, a warm and protected part of the forest, and a hidden place in their field are all places squirrels naturally hibernate until this car came along and changed their world.

These critters were found hibernating in his vehicle, and they are super cute; it is hard to get mad at them. Just look at these guys.

A Pile of Cigarette Butts

Wait, I am thinking of a logical explanation for this; I’ll have it anytime soon. While we wait, how does one have this many cigarette butts, and how many days, months, and years have they been piling up?

Did someone miss the “Smokers are Liable to Die Young” warning? I guess they aren’t a litterer who throws or flicks their cigarettes out the window, or could it be that they are just hoarders?

Your Car is Not a Dump

I don’t want to understand the logic behind this because the stench oozing out of this car is not interested in finding out.

It is not a safe and healthy idea to accumulate this much garbage, transport it with your vehicle and leave it in your car all night.

I Use What I have to Get What I Want

A Reddit user posted this image as a meme with the caption, “While you were stocking up on T.P.P., I was stocking on more essential things,” which makes us ask the question, why? And wonder what the owner was probably thinking.

But with each person and their own set of priorities, delivering this was the car owners’ priority, and I hope it all went well.

Why’s Your Tire about to Pop?

This looks like an alien burrowed into the tire and laid eggs. It looks scary and uncomfortable to stare at, and I have nothing to add with no information on how the bubbles came about.

Besides this, please change your tires and visit your mechanic to have this taken care of at once, since the solution is not very difficult.

Your Car’s Got Blue Balls

I guess you can tell the gender of this car by the presence and color of its balls. Damn! The pain the car must be going through; I do not wish to switch places.

It does look like an ornament, but who would hang an ornament under the car? But it seems like it was tagged like a wall or underpass with graffiti.

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