How To Remove Hair From Face: Effective And Natural Home Remedies


How To Remove Hair From Face: Effective And Natural Home Remedies

Facial hair in women is a pretty natural phenomenon. 


But Unwanted facial hair may appear on the cheeks, forehead, upper lip, or chin. As a result, women may feel unattractive and non-feminine.

Excess hair growth in women could be because of the secretion of higher-than-normal levels of androgens, including testosterone. You must also know that all women produce androgens but at controlled levels. 

Women can waste a fortune on expensive products, treatments, and hair removal sessions. But, these techniques not only provide a temporary result, but they can also be painful. 

It is far better to rely on natural alternatives. So we chose to show you a simple natural scrub to get rid of facial hair. Having lasting and safe effects, this scrub will rejuvenate the skin, improve its quality, and make it soft and shiny.

Bastion News made a list of the most effective remedies for removing facial hair that you can use easily and quickly from the comfort of your own place.

The most effective remedies for removing facial hair :


Honey absorbs impurities from the pores of the skin and acts as a cleaning agent. And since it is a natural antiseptic, it heals and soothes your skin.

Honey is a natural humectant, which means it moisturizes the upper layers of the skin. This added moisture can help reduce wrinkles. It also soothes dry, irritated, and sensitive areas. 

Lemon Juice and Sugar

This is an old beauty technique to remove unwanted hair.

Just mix sugar, lemon juice, and very little water and stir it well to melt the sugar until the sugar converts into a sticky granular paste.

 People with dry skin should not keep the pack in the face for more than 15-20 minutes.

Turmeric and Milk

Mix rice flour and turmeric powder and milk together. If needed, add water.

Apply the mask over the area of unwanted hair and let it dry. Wash it off with warm water.

The coarseness of the rice flour rubs against the skin and removes hair. The milk moisturizes it, and the turmeric acts as an antiseptic.

Lemon And Honey

Take a bowl, and mix about 2 tablespoons of sugar, 1 tablespoon of organic honey, 2 teaspoons of lemon juice, and melt the mixture until it becomes paste-like. You can also thin the mixture by adding water if it tends to become too sticky. 

And finally, take the paste and apply it to the affected areas.

Potato and Lentil

Grab a bowl and mash the potato, and extract its juice. Simultaneously, drain the water in which the lentils were soaked and grind the lentils until you acquire a smooth paste. Add the potato juice, honey, and lemon to this paste. 

Apply the mixture to the affected areas and let it sit for 15-20 minutes until it dries out. Now with the help of your fingers, rub the dried out paste to remove it. And finally, wash your face with cold water.

White of Egg

For this mask, you need Egg white and Corn starch and Sugar

Apply the pack and let it dry. Then peel off the mask and wash your face with cold water.

The egg white, cornstarch, and sugar become sticky and stick to the hair. When the mask is peeled off, the hair also comes out.



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