Is It Safe To Stand For Long Hours During Pregnancy?


Pregnancy may need you to make some changes and continued standing maybe 1 of the things that you may have to avoid too. Are you in a work that wants longer standing hours or are you usually on your toes all day long?
Whatever the case may be, standing for longer durations may have an impact on you and your unborn baby. So be careful

If you’re questioning whether it is safe to stand for long periods during pregnancy, the answer is YES
In a study, it was proved that women who stand for long hours during pregnancy are not only at a bigger risk of having preterm delivery but it may also hamper with the baby’s optimal growth and development.

Research studies confirm that standing for long hours effects the growth of the baby. One study has found that women standing for more than 25 hours per week could give birth to babies who weigh 148-198g less than the babies born to women who do not stand for that long. Also, their head circumference is likely to be 1cm less.


This is how does standing for long hours affect you and your unborn Baby,  by the way, Standing need not always affect you or your baby. But in some cases, prolonged standing may aggravate the pregnancy symptoms, or affect you in the following ways:

Affects Blood Pressure: 
It may cause a drop in blood pressure or a rise in it. If you have low blood pressure, you will feel giddy.

Causes Low Back Pain: 
Standing too long may cause lower back pain during pregnancy. The pain may also radiate to your leg or foot.

Leads To Preterm Birth: 
Spending most of your time standing may increase your risk of having preterm labor and premature birth.

Causes Pain In The Pubic Area: 
Some women may have Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction that causes severe pelvic pain. Standing for prolonged hours may worsen the pubic pain.
And now after you know that Stand For Long Hours During Pregnancy is not safe, you might be wondering about  Measures Can Be Taken to Minimise the Risks?
Here are some ways that you may reduce your risks by standing for longer durations:

1. If you are in a job that required prolonged standing, talk to your employer and request a desk job instead.

2. Keep moving instead of standing, to keep the blood moving in your veins and to prevent the blood from clotting and edema too.

3. Drink water and other healthy fluids to stay hydrated. However, stay away from caffeinated beverages as they can further dehydrate you.

4. Wear shoes that provide good arch and heel support for a better and comfortable standing position.

5. It is recommended that you sit for 15 to 20 minutes after standing for an hour. Refrain from sitting cross-legged.



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