Lies, Scandals & The Truth: Prince Harry, Meghan & Archie


Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle have been the subject of many controversies in recent years. The pair first met in 2016 when they were set up on a blind date by a mutual friend. It wouldn’t be long before they fell in love and started making headlines.

After their marriage in 2018, and amid tensions within the royal family, the birth of their son Archie only seemed to add fuel to the fire. What followed was plenty of lies and scandals. Here we take a closer look at everyone involved.

Harry Has Always Been Controversial


Without a doubt, Harry has always been a contentious member of the Royal Family. As a teenager, Harry made headlines for his partying ways and was typecast as a bad boy. He received a lot of negative publicity, and the media was ruthless in bashing him. Yet, people were quick to forgive his actions.

With some seeing the American actress Meghan Markle as unsuitable for meeting the royal expectations, not everybody approved of the couple. The pair took the next step and tied the knot, and soon after, they announced their pregnancy. Controversy soon followed.

Pregnancy Was Announced During Their First Royal Tour

Merely months after getting married, the husband and wife revealed that they would be parents soon. It was a surprise announcement for the new couple. This came when they were on their first official trip to Australia, New Zealand, Tonga, and Fiji.

While the announcement was met with many congratulatory messages and gifts during the tour, many eyebrows were raised in questioning if the couple did this to steal the limelight. Meghan was suspected of doing it on purpose, an accusation that only continued to increase over the years.


The Announcement Took Away Princess Eugenie’s Spotlight

The public came to know about the couple’s pregnancy on October 15, 2018. Unsurprisingly, the Royal Family was informed of the news several days earlier, on October 12. That is where another problem arose.

While the couple was excited to share the message with their entire family, it did not go well with Princess Eugenie. The family had come together as she was tying the knot on that particular day. It was not amusing for Princess Eugenie as she would have expected to take center stage on her wedding day.

People Questioned Her Baby Bump

All eyes were fixed on the couple after they dropped the bomb. Every single action of theirs was watched, especially Meghan’s. People began questioning if the baby bump that Meghan flaunted was even real in the first place.

Many suggested that her bump grew a lot bigger over short periods and that Meghan was wearing a fake bump to hide the fact that a surrogate was carrying her baby. These wild rumours were obviously untrue, but they showed just how crazy the speculation had become about the couple and Meghan’s pregnancy.


Their Privacy Was Used Against Them

While the alleged fake baby bump was never proven, the couple remained silent despite all the gossip. One rather thoughtful decision of the couple, sadly, was used against them. Many couples all over the world want their pregnancy news to be private. For such a public couple, that was hard to do.

When the pair vaguely revealed that their first child would be born in spring, people were more than suspicious as they could not predict how long Meghan was into her pregnancy. Some people weren’t happy with vague details and wanted specifics.

Meghan Was Called an Attention Seeker

Accusing Meghan as an attention seeker, some pointed out that she would not take her hands off her belly when in public. This was despite this being a habit that many pregnant women do. It’s natural for an expecting mother to rest her hands on her bump protectively and lovingly.

While many stood to her defense, stating that it was good for the baby, others accused her of being a hypocrite and that she was holding it way too much to garner attention. It was clear that Meghan couldn’t win.


They Pretended They Didn’t Know the Sex

The Royal Family follows many traditions when it comes to a new addition and keeping the gender of the baby a secret is one of them. It is also common for a couple not to disclose the baby’s identity, and the duo did nothing different.

They did not reveal the gender of the baby to the public until Archie was born. However, according to the book “Finding Freedom,” which revolves around Harry and Meghan’s lives, the couple was aware that they would have a boy and just pretended to not know, just like the others.

Even The Baby Shower Caused Controversy

Meghan’s close friend, Serena Williams, organized her baby shower, a star-studded event in the United States. This did not go well back home as baby showers are not customary in the United Kingdom, especially among the Royal Family.

This event is incredibly popular and brings all the women closer. Yet, the public and some members of the Royal Family were seemingly not impressed with this gesture. It was another sign that Meghan would do things her way and not act how people expected her to.


There Was Confusion About the Announcement

The couple could get past the initial controversies, and the public seemed to cool down over the issue. It did not last long as the time came for the birth of the boy. Archie was born on May 6, 2019. What triggered the people were the rumors that spread on the day of Archie’s arrival.

The public, including the media, did not learn of Archie’s birth until late afternoon. The initial announcement read that Meghan was in labor at the time of its writing. Archie, however, was said to have arrived early in the morning, and his birth was a relatively smooth process.

People Didn’t Like the Secrecy

Soon after the initial false announcement, what really happened was revealed to the public. Yet, people were skeptical and did not celebrate after what transpired. The media defended themselves, saying they only reported the facts as soon as they received them.

In reality, by the time the news that Meghan was in labour made it to the public, the mother and her newly born son were already back home in Frogmore Cottage. Childbirth is an emotionally draining time, and it seems as though some decisions were taken to try and give her some time and space.


The Conspiracy Theories Continued

Things did not get better for the pair. Many did not believe that Archie was born on May 6. Some refused to consider that Meghan was the one who gave birth! They stated that Harry’s first interview after his son’s birth was the proof.

They were claiming that he was too giddy, and this was an unmistakable sign of his lies. On the other hand, many people rejoiced Archie’s birth and even defended Harry’s unusual behavior, claiming his PTSD was something from his military days.

They Were Expected to Follow Tradition

While many scandals broke out after Archie’s birth, the couple paid no attention to them. They emphasized that they wanted complete privacy no matter the circumstance. They deserved credit for sticking to the way they wanted to do things, even with the pressure they were under.

Even before Archie’s arrival, the duo had declared that they would not pose outside the hospital the same day, something which Kate and Diana had done. While many supported the pair for this decision, the others viewed the actions as a betrayal of the customs of the Royal Family.


The Post-Birth Photo Caused Issues

While the couple wanted their privacy and did not pose for a photograph, Meghan revealed that taking a photo for the public was not brought up by the Royal Family either. She believed that it signified him not being a Prince. It is to be noted that Kate and Diana’s children received their royal titles upon birth.

While it did not imply whether or not the couple’s family took it personally, the public believed it insulted the monarchy. They insisted that the Royal Family was not concerned about a child who had almost no association with the throne.

Meghan’s Privacy Sparked Rumors

Meghan went on maternity leave towards the end of her pregnancy in March 2019. This meant that she was not available to attend public events, and the people could not assess the state of her pregnancy.

She stayed the next two months out of sight from the public, and it led to many people growing suspicious of Archie’s arrival. Many women take up to a year for maternity leave and just want to spend time with their babies. For someone in Meghan’s position, this form of privacy wasn’t allowed.


Did the Baby Come Early?

While there is no solid proof for this one, there were several shreds of evidence that people pointed out to verify that Archie was born earlier. When Meghan stayed hidden from the public, many stated that an ambulance had departed from Frogmore Cottage a few days before.

The Queen herself visited their home not long after that. The monarch is supposed to be the first to meet a new great-grandchild, and it definitely got the public talking. The reality is that it was most likely a friendly visit from the Queen.

The Plans for a Home Birth Were Suspicious to Some

As Meghan was at home keeping things secretive and expecting her delivery anytime soon, words flew around that she intended to deliver Archie at home. Queen Elizabeth II herself had done that, and it met the expectations of the monarchy.

Yet, this decision caused a massive discussion as it would have been easier for the couple to hide the truth. Many believed that Meghan preferred to have her child delivered at home to conceal if Archie arrived a few weeks earlier or if the couple used a surrogate.


A Hospital Birth Was Always Possible

While many claimed that Meghan wanted to give birth at the comforts of her own home, reports suggested that she always intended on delivering Archie in the safest means possible. It came to light that while a home birth was Meghan’s supposed plan, the trip to Portland Hospital was not a last-minute decision either.

Meghan was always open to the possibility of delivering Archie in a hospital, and it was always a part of the backup plan. Finding Freedom published that Meghan was relieved that she and Archie got the best available services.

There Was Interest Over the Birth Certificate

The couple had gone incommunicado and did their best not to disclose any details to the public. While this did cause loads of rumors, the followers were hopeful that Archie’s birth certificate could answer all their questions. Unfortunately, this created a controversy of its own.

A month after the certificate was made, the word “Prince” was added to Harry’s title, and Meghan’s first and middle names were removed. This created a huge uproar and contradicted the couple’s open desire to distance themselves from the monarch. However, this decision was reportedly made by Buckingham Palace and not by the couple.


Archie’s Christening Was Also Secretive

The people were hopeful that his christening would be different even though Archie’s birth was a secret affair. The couple, however, was in no hurry to go public and initiated a very private service by blocking the media and public completely.

The only way everyone else was aware of Archie’s christening was the two photos that the couple had posted on their social media. That was not the only incident. The couple not rearranging the service date to when Prince Philip and the Queen were available caused considerable chatter.

Archie’s Godparents Were Kept Private

The speculation surrounding Archie’s gender and birth date was not the only cause of discussion. Many questioned who his godparents would be. His very secretive christening only bolstered the rumors with a potential list of candidates who could fill that option.

Given Meghan’s connections, the media stated that George Clooney and Serena Williams favoured that position. Even though other big names associated with Harry were mentioned, the couple had no intention of releasing this information. The Sunday Times later revealed that the couple chose Mark Dyer, Charlie van Straubenzee and Harry’s former nanny, Tiggy Pettifer, as Archie’s godparents.


Meghan’s Return to the Public Eye

Meghan took her time to return to the public after her maternity leave. Five weeks after giving birth to Archie, Meghan finally returned to her royal duties during the annual Trooping the Color Ceremony. While all eyes turned towards Meghan during the event, everyone was surprised that she had not brought Archie along.

Obviously, the event must not have been for a boy as young as Archie, and the rumor that Meghan could not be without her baby was disproven. Nevertheless, not everyone was happy about keeping Archie hidden away from the public.

Their Public Appearances Caused a Stir

While Archie was not present at most events, like the Queen’s belated birthday celebrations, for instance, when Meghan appeared with Archie in public, the public was hungry for more public appearances. When the public appearances did come, Megahn was unsurprisingly criticized again for her behaviour.

During a polo game in which Harry and William participated, Meghan was pictured alongside Kate. Many commented that she was holding the baby wrong and did not know what she was doing. It showed that everyone loved having their say about celebrity couples.


He Didn’t Receive a Royal Title

When William and Kate’s children were born, they were immediately bestowed with titles. The Queen herself tweaked some rules to make it possible. The closer a Royal Family member is to the throne, the more likely they will get a title. Yet, when Archie was born, there were no titles given to his name.

Was the couple snubbed by the Royal Family, or did Harry and Meghan request not to grant a title for their son? The rules stated he would not automatically be granted a title, but it seems as though the couple was expecting him to be given one.

Further Controversy Over His Birthright

Regardless of the couple deciding if their son was given a title or not, there was general anticipation that Archie would get one. It was reported that Meghan was also expecting her child to receive this honor, as it was usual for a child in Archie’s position to receive a title.

Rumors also suggest that Meghan believed the Royal Family wanted to repeal a century-old rule that would automatically make Archie a prince and refer to him as His Royal Highness when Prince Charles becomes the King. There was plenty of confusion surrounding it.


His Title Caused Plenty of Issues

This incident came to light when Harry and Meghan sat for an interview with Oprah Winfrey, which sent shockwaves worldwide. Meghan revealed that the monarch considered removing the birthright of Archie even before he was born. There was plenty of confusion surrounding this.

While she did not say anything further, it was very pretty obvious. It is an open secret that Prince Charles wishes to streamline the monarchy. He firmly believes that restricting the power to a few members of the family will improve their reputation.

Meghan and Harry Were Concerned About Security

Harry and Meghan were not concerned if Archie would be given a royal title. What made them upset was that their son was denied the benefits that the title would bring. This included more budget allocated to their security detail, giving them more peace of mind for the children.

They were disappointed that Archie would not receive the same level of protection as his cousins. This reportedly caused a rift between the two sides. People accused the couple of wanting the best of both rules, but this was never allowed.


The Controversy Around Archie’s Skin Color

When scandals regarding the relationship first became popular, many people were bothered by the American actress. Many complained about Meghan without mentioning her skin color. According to the couple, this was the same matter of discussion within the monarchy.

Without naming anyone, the pair in the interview stated that at least one person was concerned about the skin color of their baby. This seemed to be a member of the royal household who wasn’t a family member but was an important figure in public relations for the wider family.

They Only Became More Private

This did not make things better for the couple and could have been one of the reasons they decided to keep matters behind closed doors. This led to further division between the couple and the royal family, and the public. Things were starting to get even more fractious.

This issue was raised when Meghan was pregnant, and she feared that her baby would not be treated equally with her cousins. That is presumably why they still do not talk about their private life and have since moved to America.

Meghan Was Familiar With the Racial Comments

The media are always interested in the royal family’s life, and they assumed that Meghan initially got close with Harry for attention. This was always an unfair accusation as it appears that the couple was very much in love. It has seemed the couple has only got stronger together throughout the years, especially with what they’ve been through.

While it could have been expected from the public, experiencing it within the royal family would have been shocking for Meghan. This makes the interview with Oprah unsurprising, especially after the remarks directed at her unborn baby.

Many Called Them Liars

Given the scandalous history of the couple, not everyone was convinced of the interview. Many prominent people expressed their doubts over its reliability. We were obviously only getting one side of the story, and given how private the Royal Family is on such matters, we were never going to get the other side.

Piers Morgan criticized Meghan and questioned the authenticity of her discussion with Oprah. Many others commented on their doubts about what was being said and presumed they were either exaggerating the truth or giving outright lies.

They Just Wanted To Protect Their Son

The constant vigilance from the media is always a massive challenge for the members of the Royal Family. For most of his life, Harry has been coming to terms with what happened to his mother due to the relentless attention from the media, as he believes they indirectly caused her death.

Thus, he has always stayed away from the limelight, and the couple’s actions have been in the best interests of Archie’s privacy. Harry has openly had a poor relationship with the press, and when his wife became a mother, this only intensified.

The Comparisons Didn’t Help

While Archie is not close to the throne, his name has always been in the media. Whatever Meghan does has been compared to Kate’s actions. Not only Kate but she has also been compared with Harry’s mother, Diana, who was insanely popular with the British public.

Kate’s three children have grown by the royal traditions, something which Archie has not seen and is predictably why it generates much controversy. Kate is seen as someone happy to follow all the traditions, while Meghan is cast as a rebel.

Meghan’s Second Pregnancy Had Similar Speculation

The couple revealed that Meghan was pregnant for a second time in early 2021. Some were quick to label it as fake and that Meghan probably will be using a surrogate again. It was the same old conspiracies as last time.

Online searches on the topic increased by a considerable margin, and many refused to believe the news. It must be hard as a couple trying to live under that type of intense spotlight. It must have formed a big part of why they moved to the USA, as the negativity isn’t as intense.

They Maintained Their Privacy

This time the couple was away from the Royal Family and still decided to keep everything undercover. Everybody was surprised that they retook this route as they did not have the same pressures as before. It’s clear that the couple, as many others do, want parts of their lives to remain private.

The couple kept things quiet, except for revealing the baby’s gender. During the interview with Oprah, the couple revealed having a girl and later named her Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor. This was in tribute to Harry’s mother and grandmother.

They Continue to Split Opinion

It is difficult to separate the truth from the rest as the Royal Family has always been tight-lipped on internal subjects. Now that Harry and Meghan are free from the constraints, they can freely express their life.

Even if they do, not many people will accept the facts, given the couple’s desire for secrecy in the past. Nevertheless, that is not something Harry and Meghan would care about. They are seemingly happy with their new life as they build it away from the pressure and privilege that comes with Royal life.



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