Never Put This Foods In The Refrigerator.


Never Put This Foods In The Refrigerator.
Most people put the foods because they guess that food will last longer when they store them in there. 
Cold storage is a necessity for many foods, but the chilly air of the fridge can have a negative effect on some healthy favorites. Keep these foods at their best by storing them out of the fridge.
Discover how to protect yourself and your family as well as keep your food fresher, longer and tastier.
Read on to find out the foods items that you shouldn’t be keeping in your refrigerator :


Bananas should never be refrigerated! They retain their nutrients much better when placed in room temperature. Putting them in the fridge will cause their ripening process to slow down. But If your bananas are already ripe and you aren’t going to be eating them within the next few days, then you can store them in the fridge to stop them from over-ripening and going bad.
And remember not to put them near other fruits and vegetables that you don’t want to ripen any further due to the gas bananas emit.

Potatoes are best saved in a clean and dry place, away from the plastic or paper packaging that they come in, unwashed and stored in a well-ventilated cardboard box, as suggested by the Potato Farmers. This is because the ice-cold climate of the freezer can cause the speeding up of the process of the starch in potatoes turning into sugar, and in turn mess with their color, texture, and freshness.

the onion should never be kept in the fridge. If you do, they will quickly become moldy and mushy from the humidity in the refrigerator. When onions are chilled the starches inside the bulb are converted to sugars. and also recommends that unpeeled onions be saved in room temperature out of plastic cases. This is because onions need room to breathe.


Refrigeration is not the best choice available for storing cucumbers. In fact, cucumbers kept in the fridge might appear limp, with dry, damaged looking skin that appears to have spots on it. This is because the coolness of the fridge will cause the decaying process of the cucumber’s skin to speed up. 
So, just keep cucumbers in your pantry and they will have a longer life expectancy and maintain their delicious taste longer

There is nothing worse than spices wasting their flavor and clumping together, Right.
That’s specifically what happens when you put your spices in the refrigerator. So Just don’t do it. 
Put your dry spices in your kitchen cupboard or spice rack. At room temperature, they will be more potent, taste better and be more aromatic than if there were kept in the cold fridge.

Full bulbs of garlic should be saved in a cool and dry place. So Store them in a ventilated container. If you keep them in an airtight container they will mold quite rapidly. If you store your garlic properly it will stay good for months.
Once the head of the garlic clove is broken you should use all the cloves without around 9-15 days.
Olive Oil

Having your olive oil in the fridge is a wrong idea. Refrigerators are damp and humid places and the condensation can severely affect the flavor of your olive oil. It will also cause your olive oil to become cloudy and solidify over time. So you’d be better of placing it in a clear and dry place.
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