The Best Things To Do In Amsterdam


The Best Things To Do In Amsterdam
Are you planning to go to Amsterdam anytime soon? If you are then you probably will want to know some things before you board your plane. 
The Dutch are very friendly people, and Amsterdam is rich with culture, exceptional food, and beautiful views. And also For people who like to partake in recreational marijuana smoking, Amsterdam is the place to be. There are lots of cafés where you can find a selection of cannabis.
Bastion News  present you with a great and different selection of things to do in Amsterdam that will have you experiencing the city like the locals do :
Rent a bike :

And while we’re on the subject of cycling, one of the best tips for visiting Amsterdam I can give you, is that you embark on a cycling adventure of your own while in the city! You can easily rent a bike at one of the many cycle hire shops dotted around the city
Learn the difference between coffee shops and cafés!

cafés are for your regular latté (cafés) and the coffee shops are where you can buy and smoke weed.
Bring your camera :

Many of the canalside houses in Amsterdam date all the way back to the city’s golden age, and as such, they are old, quirky and beautiful. You can visit a number of these ancient homes in the form of house museums, dotted around the city and photographing them makes for a great souvenir. 
street food :

make sure to try some of the street food available in the city (which is also a great way to save money while visiting Amsterdam). A local specialty in Amsterdam is frites (also known as patat and they come complete with a heavenly mayonnaise sauce). Stroopwaffles are also incredibly popular.
Rent a small boat and navigate the Spui river :

It’s one of the best ways to interact and get along with the locals.
Hostels are available :

Amsterdam is an expensive city. However, don’t panic there are lots of hostels you can stay at which are reasonably priced. You might meet some other tourists that you can walk around the city with.



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