Therapeutic Benefits Of The Yoga Wheel


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The yoga wheel is a new therapeutic tool to deepen your yoga practice and take it to a new level.
You don’t need any special prerequisites to successfully practice with it.
For now, let’s focus on some of the top benefits of the yoga wheel and why you should incorporate it into your everyday practice.
It Makes Challenging Poses Possible
With The Yoga Wheel, You can safely ease into inversion and make slow natural progress rather than abruptly forcing a backbend movement that exceeds your currently level of flexibility.  Despite your current level of experience, it is a wonderful prop for both beginners and advanced practitioners alike.
It Makes You Stronger
The yoga wheel will build up your strength and stamina. In a very short time of practicing with the yoga wheel, you will feel much stronger and healthier.
it Will Stop You From Hunching
Being desk-bound from 8-4 does a whole lotta damage to your back and shoulders, but you can cancel that massage because the yoga wheel is just as amazing at ironing out knots and releasing that tension.
 It helps clients who have never practiced yoga before and aids deep stretching all over the body. Not only is the prop gaining popularity in the yoga, world but also in athletics, because of the way it can counteract those knots.’
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You Can Individualize Your Practice
The word “challenging” is subjective to each yoga practitioner because we all have our strengths and weaknesses on top of each of our unique physical proportions.  The Yoga Wheel can assist your practice by helping you work with your current flexibility limitations.  It can be used for practicing big backbends like the wheel and hero poses down to the full expression of pigeon and bridge.  Just take your pick.
It Encourages Core Work
As every yogi knows, the secret to a long-lasting yoga practice is a strong core.  When it comes to protecting the lower back and spine, a strong core is an absolute must.  A strong core is not only made up of the larger muscle groups but the tiny accessory muscles and stabilizer muscles.  It is the development of all those muscles combined and working in uneasy to perfect those difficult asanas performed by advanced practitioners.  By using the yoga wheel during balancing poses like the Tree, Eagle, One-Legged Mountain Pose, and even the Plank, you will begin developing a much stronger core.

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