Top 5 Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in 2022


Geico is known for its low premiums and comprehensive coverage. The company is very popular among college students. The average policy costs $912 a year. The company offers discounts for federal employees, good students, and safe drivers. It has a lower J.D. Power customer satisfaction score in Washington state, but that’s to be expected. The top five cheapest car insurance companies in 2022 will likely still be the same ones.

GEICO is the cheapest car insurance company in New York State, but it’s more expensive than State Farm. That’s because insurers use a variety of factors to calculate rates. While your neighbor’s quote might be lower than yours, the rate you pay with Geico is nearly 42% cheaper than the average for this age group. Plus, it’s a great company with a good reputation. Consumer complaints are low and claims satisfaction is high.

Geico and Amica are the most affordable in New York State. Both companies are widely available in New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C. Amica offers good customer service, but has a low customer satisfaction rating. Electric Insurance costs $1,275 a year and State Farm charges $1,060 a month. The top five cheapest car insurance companies in Michigan are Amica, Electric Insurance, and Electric Insurance.


Amica is the most expensive and provides the most basic coverage. Unlike other insurers, it is available in all states and costs $1,765 a year, or $214 a month. For full coverage, Geico, Amica, and Nationwide are the best. For drivers in these states, Amica and Progressive are the cheapest. Safety Insurance, Geico, and Amica offer good customer service. They also receive few consumer complaints.

Among the cheapest cars in the United States, the Jeep Compass is the second-cheapest car insurance option. The average monthly premium for this compact SUV is $124 a month. Erie, GEICO, and State Farm are the three smallest auto insurance companies in the nation. They also offer a low-cost membership to farmers. The company charges $35 to $50 a year for a membership.

Depending on your state’s laws, Geico is the cheapest car insurance company in the country. It also offers discounts for students. Its Steer Clear program is among the best in the industry. Overall, the five cheapest car insurance companies in 2022 are Geico, American Family, and Liberty Mutual. This list includes the top ten bestselling car insurance companies in each state. The cheapest car insurance in 2022 are those that offer several features that may be beneficial to drivers.

Depending on your state’s laws, Progressive has a higher average premium than most other car insurance companies. Compared to other large car insurance companies, its average premium is $1,067 per year. Compared to other big auto insurance companies, it’s possible to find a better deal in other states. You can also compare rates by gender and location. You can choose from these 5 cheapest car insurance companies in 2022.

While you can get a deductible of zero for the cheapest auto insurance in 2020, the cheapest coverage is only available for active service members. The cheapest car insurance companies with higher deductibles will be the most expensive. However, you can also get cheaper car insurance by getting a good student discount. The cheapest overall coverage is minimum liability. USAA is an excellent choice for those with limited incomes. The cost is nearly $300 less than the average in New York.

The top three most expensive auto insurance companies remain the same. Michigan and Louisiana traded places as the top two-ranked states in 2020. GEICO is the cheapest six-month policy in 2022, while State Farm charges $576. For the cheapest six-month policy, GEICO and Nationwide charge an average of $118. The cheapest Ford Transit Connect costs $730 a month and is the most expensive car insurance in 2022.

5 cheapest car insurance companies

Below are our top recommendations for cheap car insurance based on average rate estimates. The following providers stand out from the competition as the best cheap car insurance providers not only for the discounts they offer but also for their customer service and strong industry reputations.

Cheap Car Insurance CompanyCost RatingAverage Annual Cost*Affordable for…
1. USAA9.5$1,013Military families
2. Erie Insurance9.0$1,113Basic coverage
3. State Farm8.0$1,339Students
4. Geico8.5$1,352Most drivers
5. Progressive8.5$1,397High-risk drivers



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